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Company Overview

Michael Day Enterprises, INC was founded in 1981 by Michael Day, an individual who, at the time, had a 20 year history in the engineering thermoplastics industry. As the company grew, based on resale and distribution, it evolved into compounding to better support its marketing philosophy offering quality and value coupled with outstanding customer service.

As MDE continued to grow it became one of the most respected and successful compounders in the mid-west. By 2008, sales had grown to in excess of $55 million with an 80% concentration in the automotive sector, much of which was focused on GM and Chrysler. As the recession hit, the automotive industry tanked and GM and Chrysler filed Chapter XI bankruptcy. MDE was forced by its bank of 27 years into a sale to Radici Group, a global Italian company.
The company has re-established itself as Michael Day Enterprises, LLC and has resumed its marketing effort in engineering resins, primarily in Nylon materials of all types and on polyacetals. MDE’s market focus continues to be in offering quality and value combined with outstanding “user friendly” customer service, primarily directed at small to medium sized molders, many of whom are being neglected by the major global producers. Through partnering with key customers, and potential customers, in problem solving and exploration of new opportunities for mutual profitability, it is our goal to be the compounder of choice as an alternative to the major polymer producers.